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Services & Fees

I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments, these can be in person or online

Following is a description of just some of the services that I offer.

If you do not find the information you need please feel free to call or email me. If I am unable to help with your particular issue, I may be able to refer you to someone that can.

Support & Growth Counselling in Essex

Support and Growth

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Finding even the most menial of tasks difficult? Do you find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour? Swapping one addiction for another? Recurring abusive relationships? Do you feel like you hardly recognise yourself anymore? Have you suffered a bereavement? Do you feel lost in a world full of should haves, could haves and must haves? Are you ready for change?

Counselling could help you to gain a better understanding of yourself, your behaviour and your relationships. Gaining this insight and understanding can help you to look at things from a new perspective and make the changes necessary to live the life you want, the life you deserve.

Type 1 Diabetes Therapy in Essex

Type 1 Diabetes Therapy

Most people hear "diabetes" and think “well you should lose weight, eat less sugar” or “Oh, the one where you have to inject insulin” rarely do people without type 1 diabetes realise the enormous impact it has on every single aspect of your life...even when you are asleep! Whether you have type 1 diabetes yourself, or you are a parent, carer, partner, child or sibling of a person with type 1, the benefits of talking to someone that truly understands can be life-changing.

As a single parent of a child with type 1, I felt guilty, overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of needles and Glucogels...until I met Stewart. Stewart is an adult with type 1, managing perfectly well, living life to the full, and is a fantastic father. That 20-minute conversation saved me. He understood me in a way no one else had until then, he got it, he lives it and for the first time since my son was diagnosed I felt heard.

That meeting is what inspired me to name my counselling business ‘T1DCounselling’ in the hope that someone in a similar situation will find some comfort in talking to a counsellor that understands, not just about diabetes, maybe not about diabetes at all...but still recognising what it may be adding to their other issues.

Counselling for Men in Essex

Counselling For Men

The World Health Organisation (WHO, 2021) states that 1 in 100 deaths is by suicide with more than twice as many men than women taking their own lives and The Samaritans have found that men aged 45-49 have the highest suicide rate. This shows that men are still not accessing the help they so clearly need.

Years of stigma surrounding mental health issues, growing up being told “boys don’t cry” and “Man up!” all take their toll. Many men hide their vulnerability with violence. Some find emotional bonding and physical contact through sex or sports such as rugby, martial arts or football. They will often use addictions as a coping mechanism, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling or food.

I have worked with numerous men from all walks of life and have taken part in several hours of CPD to gain a better understanding of the difficulties men face when it comes to their mental health and well-being. Social class, culture, childhood experiences, age and personal histories all add extra layers to their experiences and again show us how truly unique we all are. I realise that like women and children, men do not fit in a ‘one size fits all’ box and counselling sessions will be tailored to the particular needs of each client.

Hypnotherapy in Essex


Hypnotherapy is a valuable complementary therapy that works by accessing the subconscious mind. This is where many of our emotions, thoughts and behaviours are stored. During your hypnotherapy session you will be guided into a relaxed state and I will guide you to change the negative thought patterns or behaviours that are stopping you from reaching your full potential. 

I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy. I work collaboratively with each client as an individual to ensure that each session is tailored specifically to you, your presenting concern and your desired outcomes. 

Session Fees

£50 - 50-minute counselling session

£80 - 60-90 minute hypnotherapy session

£199 - one off, 2-hour smoking cessation session, plus 1 follow up if needed.

Payment in cash or bank transfer at least 24 hours before the session.

Cancellation Policy

Less than 24 hours’ notice - full fee to be paid before the next session appointment.

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For more information or to book an appointment please contact me on the details at the bottom of the page or complete the enquiry form.

Please note: If you would like me to call you back, you need to leave a voicemail asking me to do so due to safeguarding reasons.

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Areas I Cover

I have a clean and comfortable counselling room in a great location close to Southend town centre, with easy access to public transport including buses and trains.

Based in Southend-on-Sea I work with clients across the local area offering 1-2-1 appointments in & around Westcliff, Leigh, Thorpe Bay, Benfleet, Rayleigh, Rochford, Hadleigh, Shoebury & more.

I also offer secure virtual appointments via Zoom and phone sessions across the UK.